Bnaider بنيدر

Beautiful Blue Bnaider

This spot has been closed until further update

Due to the continuous abuse of the beach, the neighbors of the open plot decided to build a wall and block access to the beach area

I want to keep updating this post frequently to give more valuable information about kitesurfing and perhaps SUP on this spot.

Beautiful Blue Bnaider

One of the most admirable beaches in Kuwait. Clear green blue water, white sand, and open water. I like kitesurfing there on most conditions, and probably it’s the spot where I kite the most.

I kite in Bniader on different conditions, however, during winter season, the South East wind blows nicely side-on shore, low gust, and along Bnaider shore there are few wave break points, on reef and sand, that also give nice and smooth kickers.

Bnaider stretches on approximately 10 km of coastline, and its all private property, with exception to 100 meters beach front that is open for public (I will share location). Usually the open beach is crowded on regular days, but quite on windy days. When its not blowing enough wind their could be crowd swimming and tanning on the beach, so launching and landing the kite could be hectic.

The Spot

Preferred Direction

  • South East
  • North East

Spot Conditions

  • Sandy at open beach
  • not much shallow
  • Open water

Media On the Spot

Full moon and night kite May 19 2019, Bnaider, Kuwait.
Kiting 7m dice, Bnaider, April 2018
Morning Kite session July 2017


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      • Ivana

        Hi there, thank you for getting back to me, we actually drove there the other day and found out it was blocked off by a wall. What a shame… we looked for a gap as we drove but without a success…

      • ashkisready

        True, quite a shame not to have a singe public access to one of Kuwait most beautiful beaches. Dubaiya could be an alternative as there is still an open access to the beach there.

  1. Ivana

    It is a shame, that place IS gorgeous. I have no idea where Dubaiya is. Could you please share a location? I read about it on your blog but was not able to find the spot.

    • ashkisready

      Sure. I just added an image showing how to reach beach in Dubaiya. please check out , i hope the google pin drop with the instructions next to it are helpful. Once you get your car parked, you walk about 500 meters down to the beach alongside the fenced land.

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