Dubaiya ضباعية

the secret spot.

I’ll will continue updating this post, to give you more useful information on Dubaiya.


Location to parking area, for accessing the beach details please read details in the sections below.

Good Wind

  • South East
  • North North West
  • Avoid North West

Spot Highlights

  • Shallow water
  • reef break about 1 km in
  • rocks in the bottom
  • flat water on low tide


The Spot

On the way to the beach

Dubaiya is another beautiful little bay about 50 km south of Kuwait City. The water is blue and clear, shallow on most parts of the shoreline. The South East wind generates nice sets of small waves that break on the reef about 1 km in.

The water usually flat during low tide, the shore is mostly shallow water with many rocks here and there, so wearing boots is recommended in this area.

Almost all the shoreline of Dubaiya is private property, with limited access to the beach. However, earlier this year we started kiting from a property that is currently empty and has about 500 meters waterfront. It’s enough space to safely launch and land kite, and enough area for all level riders to enjoy.

Access to the beach

After reaching out to the property owners, we got the permission to trespass and access the beach. We usually need to park about 500 meters away from the beach, cross a fence, and walk through wild grass field, full of caterpillars in January, and butterflies in March to reach. It’s a nice hike to the turquoise beach.

My recommendation is to go there ready. Make sure to pack efficiently for the walk to the beach, all your gear, water, food, and shelter. The beach is very empty and has no resources; no trees nor shade. There is a Sultan Center less than 3 km away from the beach with few restaurants attached to it.

Media On The Spot

Kitesurfing Dubaiya, January 2019, Kuwait.

The Secret Spot from the parking area
Ready for early session, January 2019
Light wind day
Sunrise January 2019

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