The Good Wind

To share the experiences of those good windy days on the beach, and to help giving a guide on fun in kitesurfing .

Kitesurfing on Ras Al Had, Arabean Sea, April 2019, Sultanate of Oman.

Three years ago I got into kitesurfing, and since I have started the sport, I don’t see where the fun stops, as the sport gives continuous challenges and opportunities to explore and progress.

During those three years, I’m enjoying developing and learning new skills in the sport, and I found a lot of my progress in learning comes from my peers and other kitesurfer that I meet on different spots.

Whenever I’m kitesurfing on a spot with other kiters, I learn and I progress my sport skills, because whenever we are taking a break and hanging on the beach or the bar after a kiting session, it is a common between kitesurfer to give tips to each others to improve their skills or sharing experiences about different kitesuring spots.

One thing I noticed is that kitesurfers community likes to travel and explore different kitesurfing spots around the world, and I like to do that as well! We like to talk about our kiting experiences and about other spots we visit. Usually discussing what other spot is like in terms of kiting conditions, how to get there, when is good time to be there, and what’s happening around it. These usually are the questions and the discussions that I try to answer or navigate when chatting with other kitesurfers.

In fact, when traveling and kitesurfing abroad, like in Tarifa or El Gouna, many kitesurfers that I speak with get surprised when I claim that I kite at least once a week in Kuwait, because they never heard it before, or never heard of the sport being active in Kuwait. I don’t want to be super excited, I havn’t verified the number of good wind days in Kuwait yet, but I like to claim that I could kite at least 100 days a year in Kuwait, and I like to verify and prove that.

Launching this blog, will hopefully help me verify the good wind days in Kuwait and help building a guide for the community and anyone wants to enjoy kitesurfing.

In the Good Wind blog, I want to gather as much as meaningful and useful information about every kitesurfing spot I kite on, not only home. I will focus on discussing different spots and their wind directions, seasons, any associated risks, coastscape, other observations while kiting there. And while doing so, I hope there are other kitesurfers who will share their contribution too.

So hopefully in a year from now, the Good Wind blog will cover all spots in Kuwait, and verify the good wind days in Kuwait. The objective is have a meaningful and useful reference for anyone wants to kitesurf or windsurf in Kuwait. Please if you have any comments, suggestions, guiding, direction, splash of water, or stash of grass, please pass it on in the comments or by e-mail. I will need help and guidance to make this blog meaningful.

In progress map of spots and wind of Kuwait

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