A Wind Alert – Loaded Week Ahead

Kitesurfing Shuwaikh Beach, June 2019

I look at the forecast this week and it looks exciting for the first week of July. Almost windy everyday, with different range on different spots, but all coming from North West and North North West direction. Also these days are extremely hot days in Kuwait, the temperature goes above 50 Celsius, yet we are going out to kite .

My initial plan is to kite today, in few minutes, on Shuwaikh beach, then tomorrow on Dubaiya. I’ll figure out the rest of the week after kiting in Dubaiya. To kite in Dubaiya, I look at Bnaider forecast as its the closest station to the spot.

So for today the forecast show 19 knots on Shuwaikh beach, I hope in reality it is close it. I’ll take my 12m and 9m kites and see what will it will go.

Here are snapshots of windguru forecast on four different spots for the week.

Happy July 😀

Kuwait City – Shuwaikh Beach




Update July 2 2019

Yesterday we ended up kiteboarding on the Swimming Complex beach, aka Sub Beach. It was low tide, the shore had lots of rocks, yet less than Shuwaikh Beach. The actual wind was anywhere between 14 to 18 knots, and I was kiting on 12 m.

Sun Beach, Salmiya, Kuwait July 1 2019. شاطئ الشمس

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