Marina Beach مرينا

I will continue updating and adding information to this post to give you more meaningful idea about kitesurfing on this spot.


Good Wind

  • NNW, N, and NE
  • Avoid South Wind
  • the Hotel blocks NW wind on the shore

Spot Highlights

  • Wavy on shore
  • To be cautious with swimmers
  • Good on high and low tide


The Spot

Marina Beach or as it also know as Marina Waves located in Salmiya, one of Kuwait City suburb and considered as one the city kitesurfing spots. The name Marina comes from the marina right next to it with Marina shopping mall, and Marina Hotel. The nice thing bout shopping mall it has Decathlon store there, which useful sometimes.

This spot is usually good with wind coming from north side, NNW, N, and NE. During summer season, which lasts from May to August, the beach gets over crowded with swimmers in and out the water, specially toward sunset and night.

The spot has plenty of parking and easy access, plenty of sand beach to setup and launch the kite, and the shore bottom is all sand.

The spot has wave breaking point, which generate small to sometimes medium size waves that are fun for quick surf ride or big air jumps.

Spot in the Media

Clean grass by parking lots to setup and pack
Night kitesurfing session on Marina Beach, May 2019
Marina Beach November 2019

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