Shuwaikh Beach – شاطئ شويخ

Kuwait City

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Good Wind

  • North West

Spot Highlights

  • Desperate kiting spot
  • very rocky on low tide
  • water is very filthy


The Spot

Located in the heart of Kuwait City, on Kuwait bay, and short distance from Shuwaikh Port. The key feature of the spot is that it gets good North West wind, as the wind blows on shore. Not a preferred spot, and I think of it as desperate to kite spot.

On the low tide, the shore has a lot of rocks, and a wearing a shoes is a must to avoid cuts. The water temperature in Kuwait Bay is usually warm, and on this spot is warmer. While kiting there I try to avoid falling in the water because I feel the water there is the filthiest in Kuwait.

Parking are very close the beach, and access is very quick and easy. There is also a shower in one of the toilets in the mosque near the parking.

Media on the spot

Shuwaikh Beach, June 2019
Kitesurfing Shuwaikh Beach June 2019

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