Subiya Lagoon – خور الصبية

The new frontier.

This post will continue updating to make it more useful and meaningful as more information is gathered.


Since beginning of Septmber 2019, we have shifted our spot 500 meters further north.


Good Wind

  • North Northwest (Side Shore)
  • Northeast (Side/On Shore )
  • Southeast (Side/On Shore )
  • Northwest (Side Off shore)

Spot Highlights

  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Aware of mud spots
  • Slippery shore on low tide
  • Strong current

The Spot

Subiya Lagoon is less than 60 km north of Kuwait city, and it flows between Kuwait mainland and Boubyan Island. As a group of kitesurfer, we only started exploring this lagoon in April 2019, and so far we are excited about it as usually it blows more north wind and on more days. Yet the spot is risky and not recommended for beginners.

To start with the geography of the spot. Subiya Lagoon is over 20 km long, and the distance between main land and Boubyan Island varies from 1.5 km to 2.5. There are two bridges connecting the mainland with Boubyan Island, and it’s important to note that Boubyan Island is a military zone and not accessible. The spot we kite on is located about in the middle of the two bridges, about 5 km north of the first bridge.

Kitesurfers chilling between sessions, June 2019

The area has some beach houses scattered along the shore line, but very limited supply to any sort of services.

The Coastscape

One of the high risks in this area is the muddy coastline. Many areas on the coastline on both sides of the lagoon are muddy, and in some areas extremely muddy that you will need good power in the kite to suck you out or too slippery to standstill on. Cautious is a must here to where you are entering and exiting the water.

Through our few rides out there, we identified one spot where have enough space to enter and exit the water safely.

The Current

The water current is another risk factor to consider on the spot, specially with north wind blowing, it just accelerate the lagoon flow. Relaunching kites from water gets tricky, another reason why the spot not recommended for beginners.

North Wind

Usually the northern winds blow more on the north part of Kuwait than it does in the south. Usually on the south side when the wind forecast is showing less than 16 knots from northern directions, the actual wind most of time would be less than 10 knots, in other word its not kiting conditions. However, on this spot the forecast usually higher on northern wind directions, and sometimes there could be wind blowing over 18 knots, while nothing in the city and south side.

This spot is preferred for norther directions with the exception of North West wind since its blow off shore on the spot we kite on, and it gets super gusty. The North North West blows side shore on the spot, and the North East comes side on.

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