Session Recap: Happy 4th of July

Kitesurfing Bnaider July 2019

I like to add more results to the forecast of the first week of July.

The wind came North North West on the 4th and the 5th of July. I went out kiting on Bnaider beach, I was out on 12 meters on both days. The forecast was showing more wind, over 20 knots, but reality was somewhere around 14 knots, maybe the gust sometime was up to 18knots. Anyway, the 12m kite was sufficient. The forecast was also showing the wind blowing earlier in the day, from 9 am, but both days didn’t pick up till around 12:30 pm.

The beach on Friday (the 5th) was super crowded with swimmers and jet skis. Kiting close to shore was very hectic, some riders decided to switch spot and went to Dubaiya, and others decided to go the Bnaider sandbank.

I kept kiting on Bnaider beach for sometime then I had to leave earlier to catch on my flight to Spain.

Overall, I would give the 4th of july session 2 out of 5, mainly because of the gust and not steady wind. And the 5th of July session 3 out of 5, wind was dropping sometimes, and the beach too crowded.

Kiteboarding Bnaider July 2019

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