Poniente Days in Tarifa

I got to Tarifa about a week ago, with the Levante wind blowing, I got the chance to have a session on that day. The following days the wind changed direction to Poniente, West direction.

On the Levante day, I got to kite on 7m dice on Los Lances beach. The wind was blowing between 25 to 35 knots side-off shore, the gust was strong, and it was tricky to jump. What I understood from a friend, Max from Free Your Mind kiteschool, he explained that Levante wind could have slightly different directions on different altitudes, which causes the kite to lose power when jumping. I will dig more into that and post an update.

The following days, or the past few days, the wind changed direction to West, the Poniente Wind. On Poniente days I prefer kiting on Valevaquerous beach, the win blows side-on shore. These past days, the wind was steady between 12-15 knots, and I was only kiting 12m Evo. I would say during these sessions, the power in the kite was ok, not enough to make high jumps. Also worth mentioning, on Saturday the beach was super crowded.

I will continue to stay in Tarifa for the next two weeks at least, and I will share more of my experience with kiting conditions while here.

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