Summer Ends دلق سهيل

Aziz Albana Flying Subiya Lagoon August 2019

In Kuwait and the region of the Arabia peninsula, meteorologists refer to the appearance of Canopus Star, known for locals as Suhail Star نجم سهيل, as signal of summer end. The Suhail star appears for about 50 days in the skies of Arabia from the end of August to the beginning of October. During this period, the extreme hot temperatures start to drop, the wind starts to change directions and the hot North Westerns winds stops blowing.

I had my last kitesurfing session on August 16th, and since that day the forecast looks dull in Kuwait, with no opportunity to kite. During this period, temperature stops reaching 50 Celsius, yet the humidity increases with the South East wind breezes.

Subiya forecast for week Aug 22 2019, source:

Summer Winds

During the Suhail star period the wind directions keep changing, with light to gentle breeze from the South East that carries the humidity in. So the expectations for kitesurfing in Kuwait during September is going to be very low, with hopes to get some luck with South East winds.

Rider from Kuwait Abdulaziz Albana kiteboarding Subiya Lagoon, August 15 2019

From May to August, we had continues wind blowing from North Western directions that is hot and most of the times carry dust. The most windy spot for all North winds in Kuwait is the Subiya Lagoon . The table below shows the number of days per wind speed per month. The wind speed in the table below is measured in Beaufort, to convert to knots check the conversion table following.

Days of Winds per Month, source:
Wind units conversion table, source
Average wind in Kuwait City for past 12 months

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