More Windy Days in Kuwait

Blowing 20 knots side shore on Subiya Sept 11 2019

Last week we got three consecutive days of North West/North North West winds in Kuwait. The wind was stronger in North spots versus south spots. And it looks like this week will also get some good wind on Thursday and Friday. Early forecast below.

About last week

During the last week, I only managed to kite on one day, with 10 and 9 sqm kites. I went out with Aziz & Rashid to Subiya Spot. We had to shift our location about 500 meters this time, as the spot we used to launch from got fenced recently! It didn’t really matter as there is plenty of access to the beach in the area, so we moved about 500 meters away.

However, with the low tide, we found the new spot to have more rocks, and actually we thought there isn’t any rocks in this area. It was a bit surprising to crash on the water and then hit some rocks right underneath.

The rocks appearance, with low tide, in this area was surprising because we always experienced muddy shores in Subiya and Boubyan Island, and we assumed the whole shoreline is the same. I believe this was reality check; one should not be overconfident with limited experience on new spot. In fact, since we started kiting out in Subiya we haven’t been there more than 10 times. Anyway, Aziz and I ended the day with few minor injuries, all good and nothing serious, but we got to be more alert on this location.

About this week

I’m excited for this week, Thursday looks very promising in Bnaider with 20+ knot NNW wind, and Friday should have some good wind in Subiya. So hoping the forecast stays the same, or even gets better, I’m planing to go to Bnaider on Thursday, and head to Subiya on Friday. Crossing fingers for good wind this week!

Windguru Forecast for Bnaider,
Subiya Forecast, Windguru

Update September 18 2019

Looks like the forecast has changed a bit since start of the week. Thursday looks very solid on Subiya, >21knots NNW wind, for full day, while Bnaider is looking be viable only for am session, and relatively less wind. Anyway, I feel fresh and ready to kite tomorrow!

Update September 20 2019

Yesterday the wind turned out way less than the forecast. I went for am session in Bnaider on 12m kite. The wind was ok to light. Before noon, I wrapped my kite and moved to Mina Abdulla, where other riders were there already. I took a second session at Mina Abdulla also on 12m kite. The wind was mild to light. Was good to practice new tricks, and finally yesterday I got to do the dark slide. Overall I feel satisfied with this kiting day. Unfortunately the wind was not motivating this morning, and I felt lazy as well, so no kiting today. I’m sure other riders went to give it try this am, but according to them, the wind is light.

It looks like there is not much kiting for the next week or 10 days. I hope this change.

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