Kiting in November

We got blessed this month, or since the beginning of Al Wasem Season in Kuwait, which started toward the end of October. Since then, we started to get more windy days, though majority been light winds, few real good winds as well.

Last Wednesday was one of the most awesome days, with about 18 knots of North West winds. We we went kiting on Marina beach, I was out on 12 m in the morning and 10m in the afternoon. A wet suit was indeed necessary. I was going out on 2mm half suit earlier in the month, but last week the wind started to get much colder, and I had to switch 3.2mm full suit, and I guess this condition will continue till March.

Now looking at forecast for next week, and it a bit tricky. Though it shows some days of South East winds, it also shows rain with it, which usually doesn’t give a lot of confidence in the forecast.

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