Between Quarantine & Lockdown

Dubaiya April 29th 2020

After I finished spending my home quarantine period, 2 weeks after the 2 weeks of institutional quarantine, total 4 weeks since returned back to Kuwait. Finally I was able to go to the beach and get some kitesurfing sessions. I finished my quarantine period on April 24th, which is also my daughter Zaina’s birthday. I managed that day to spend some time with her celebrating her birthday, and then head to Dubaiya and spend couple nights with my wind buddies Saad and Abdulaziz. We got some good wind in the morning of April 25 th, then we got another session on April 29th.

The conditions were rough with the high tide, water entry was difficult for a beginner kitesurfer, and the water inside was choppy. Anyway, since I havn’t kitesurfer for almost 2 months, I was extremely happy to be back on the water and enjoy the wind and the taste of sea water.

Since two days ago, May 10, Kuwait is going under full lockdown. That means no more traveling by car from one point to another, and no one is allowed to go outside of their residence without a permission. The curfew policies allow people to walk and exercise outdoor in their neighborhoods only and only for 2 hours. The full lockdown is announced to last till May 30th, so hopefully from June 1st there will be a chance to travel around the country again.

Meanwhile, I continue to stay at home, and continue to develop my home routine, I find a lot of joy in writing and meditating in the morning period and the evening period. During the day, the I like to read and paint, and utilize the time window of going to exercise. I hope I can improve my running endurance run longer distances everyday. Yesterday I ran 10km in about an hour, a relatively slow space, and I hope during the coming days I improve my pace to 50 minutes and run longer distances.

10 km run around Dasma, Kuwait – May 11

The good news is that, June and July are known for Albawarih season. During Albawarih the North West winds comes multiple times a week, and usually it bring good wind days with it. I love to be optimistic, and hoping for the curfew and the lockdown to be eased during the summer times, and we go back to Kitesurfing.

The other good news, is from Woo Sports. The Woo is a tracking device that get attached to the board to measure jumps heights, speed, and other performance indicators, and the Woo platforms allows registering the data and share them online. I got my Woo tracker from Amazon few months ago, and since I have been using it, I was trying to add the spots in Kuwait to the platform, and finally they made the update for Kuwait and added Dubaiya, Bnaider, Subiya, and Marina beach to the spots list.

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