The Duotone Pro Center at El Gouna

One of the spots that I got the chance to kite at in El Gouna is the Duotone Pro Center, which has recently opened at the Casa Cook El Gouna hotel.

Duotone Pro Center

The Casa Cook hotel is one of the newest and recently opened five stars hotel and resort at El Gouna. The hotel was inaugurated back in January of this year, but then due to the COVID-19 circumstances, the kite center was not operating till recently in October when it officially launched.

The Duotone Pro Center is run by Mohammad Abdulrahman, one of Egypt’s kitesurfing pioneers and champions. The center is well organized in terms of storage, store, and resting area. The center is also located on one of El Gouna secret and hidden natural lagoons. Launching from the spot gives the option of kiting in the open water and the lagoon, though the lagoon is very shallow during low tide. Yet, during high tide the lagoon is definitely one of the best places to kite in El Gouna.

Mohammed Abdulrahman and kite instructor Marcuis
Pro rider Nathalie Lambrech practicing at the lagoon in September 2020 with boats in the back anchoring at Bayout sandbank

While at the beach the wind is side-on, the wind on the tip of the lagoon/sand bank, comes right off-shore, making the water flat and glassy. It is also common to see more riders coming downwind or upwind from other kite stations to enjoy the lagoon’s super conditions.

Being a Duotone Pro Center, obviously all the rental gear and store products are coming from Duotone and other brands from the mother company Boards & More. Also since the station is part of the five stars hotel Casa Cook, the prices are relatively higher than other kite station, in terms of storage and rental.

Generally speaking, the station here is very convenient for who likes to stay at the hotel and enjoy the accessibility to the beach from bed, or access to the bed from the beach. It’s very coinvent to take naps between sessions, indeed it helps a lot in progression. I would consider coming back to the station whenever I’m staying at the hotel, otherwise, I find it more convenient to kite from other stations. The access to the beach at the Duotone Pro Center is a bit of a long walk compared to easy and quick access at other stations.

Media from the spot and hotel

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