Khiran – خيران

Salty Sports

Uptade November 22, 2019: Salty Sports Station in Khirant permenantly closed, and the school will reopen in new location, not finalized yet.



Salty Sports Center

The Salty Sports center is the only official kitesurfing school and station in Kuwait. Kitesurfing lessons, gear, repair, and rentals are all available at the station. It’s located about 120 km south of Kuwait city, and the center is toward the end of the Khiran Pearl lagoon.

Depending on the wind direction, we either kite on the center beach or take a zodiac ride to the end of the lagoon. The water inside the lagoon doesn’t get much choppy, and there are spots of super flat water.

Kiting in Khiran is fun, and here where I started to learn kite and practice for the first year, yet it is not my favorite, mainly due to distance, though it offers much comforts like showers, toilets, resting area, and kitchen.

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Seeking shelter from the hail storm February 2019
October 2017

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