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I started taking kitesurfing lessons in May 2016 with Salty Sports Center in Khiran south of Kuwait. For some time ahead of that, I was taking lessons on wave surfing and trying to surf on and off every time I get the chance to. I found through surfing a lot of appreciation to nature from the motion of the waves, the sky, the sun, the coast line, and that unforeseen pleasure and fear from the ocean.

Riders from Kuwait Naser Alghannam (in the air) and Abdulaziz Albanna, Dubaiya March 2019

As I have been fascinated with the surfing and ocean, unfortunately, not much waves are in Kuwait. So over a conversation with a fellow surfer and friend he introduced me to kitesurfing and showed pictures of people doing the sport in Kuwait, I got super fascinated and immediately went to the school and started taking lessons.

The journey with kitesurfing is fun, because it always involves meeting new people and sharing new experiences, while leaning something new. The learning and progress is continuous and open, so is the reward and the satisfaction one gets with every accomplished step.

The sport also nurtures the self on patience and acceptance. Progress requires practice through time, and the weather and wind forecast are not always as expected, when these variables change, there is nothing to do other than accept nature, be patient, and accept progressing step by step.

Most kiteschools offer 10 to 15 hours of lessons as an intro to kitesurfing. Depending on the wind conditions and the determination to learn during these hours, most people could be doing water start and riding down wind at least. Many of course will discover during these hours if the sport is fit to them or not. I would say after those hours, it depends a lot on practice and learning from peers to progress.

Kiteschools are not hard to find, just make sure that you start taking lessons with good wind forecast on the spot.

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