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The Duotone Pro Center at El Gouna

One of the spots that I got the chance to kite at in El Gouna is the Duotone Pro Center, which has recently opened at the Casa Cook El Gouna hotel. The Casa Cook hotel is one of the newest and recently opened five stars hotel and resort at El Gouna. The hotel was inaugurated…

A Summary on 2019

Happy New Year and may 2020 comes with your wishes and lots of good wind days. I promised earlier to keep track of my kitesurfing days in Kuwait to collect some data that hopefully be useful for other kitesurfers when considering the sport in Kuwait. During 2019 I spent 275 days in Kuwait during which…

Coming Windy Days to Kuwait

Looks like we got some good wind in Kuwait this week. I check the forecast, and it shows North West winds coming from today through Thursday, and hopefully some more on the following week. Usually my prefered spot for North West winds in Shuwaikh Beach. Related Readings.. beachkitesurfingsummerwater sportswind